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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Recovery

Making quality recovery services more accessible to the citizens of the Las Cruces, NM community is our mission at Nava Counseling. Founded by Mr. Lee King, our organization provides evidence-based treatments to patients of substance abuse and mental health disorders. Our recovery services are spiritual, culture, and gender-based, and conducted in an outpatient clinic and via telehealth.

Overcome Substance Abuse Today

Substance abuse recovery starts with the desire to change. Let us provide you with the integrated and personalized treatments you need to recuperate from substance abuse and other mental health problems. Call us today to schedule our recovery services. You may also speak with our professionals for more information about our programs.

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Licensed Clinicians on Call

Nava Counseling is a respected name in the field of specialized outpatient behavioral healthcare. Our highly trained clinicians are skilled in a wide range of therapeutic treatments. Licensed by the State of New Mexico and at the highest level of proficiency in their respective fields, our multidisciplinary team is capable of providing you the attention and care you require for your complete recovery.

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