Specialized Recovery Services

Outpatient Treatment, Online Counseling, and More

A troubled mind and distressed soul may affect your overall wellness, performance at work, and relationship with your loved ones. Get the right treatment to improve your mental health at Nava Counseling in Las Cruces, NM. Through our comprehensive outpatient treatment program, we hope that you’d find the guidance you need to recover and take control of your life. For your convenience, we also offer online counseling services. Read on to learn more.

Online Counseling

Receive professional guidance and therapy services at your convenience through our online counseling program. Our online counseling services are ideal for patients age 18 and above. Secure communication lines are utilized for confidentiality.


In this day and age when most of our personal and official businesses are done online, counseling via the internet is a natural step. Our services are also ideal for patients who are more comfortable counseling online than attending a session in a traditional office.


Seeking proper counsel can be a challenge for individuals who work on a demanding schedule or have been limited by physical or cultural barriers. With us, sound advice is now within reach. Our counseling program is available via video, real-time text/instant messaging, phone, and email.


Initial contact will be in the form of a brief consultation to discuss the needs and concerns of the patient, as well as to determine if online counseling is fit for his or her situation. You are welcome to request a brief consultation on the Contact Us page of our website.

Our online clinicians provide care only through "secure" web sites, using current protective procedures. Our online clinicians will strongly safeguard the privacy of client records and will instruct you on privacy to protect your confidentiality.


This experience can be different from person-to-person therapy but it can reduce barriers to attending treatment. Just imagine how you can overcome the typical problems of transportation, having no child care, or bad weather conditions by taking advantage of our tele-health program.


We do not recommend online counseling services for individuals having persistent thoughts of suicide. For anyone in this situation, we encourage you to take care of yourself by calling a crisis line. Available 24 hours/day, they will provide you with immediate support and may refer you to helpful resources located nearby. Please know that we take your concerns seriously, and we want to work with you as soon as you’re safe.

Behavioral Therapy

Outpatient Treatment Program

Our recovery center has an ongoing outpatient treatment program for individuals in need of reliable behavioral healthcare. We provide therapeutic services that cover substance abuse, mental health, parenting, anger management, and more. Our outpatient treatment program can be paid by the patient or through one of our commercial insurance partners.

Intensive Outpatient Programming

This program is for patients needing a higher level of care. A 9-hour treatment will be administered per week. The patient will attend 3 hours of treatment for 3 days per week. The program can be paid by the patient or through one of our commercial insurance partners.

Apply for Our Outpatient Treatment Programs

Are you diagnosed as having anger management problems? Learn effective ways on how to manage your temper and deal with aggression by applying for our outpatient treatment program. Our counselors will help you identify people or situations that trigger your anger and determine the best response to these triggers without being aggressive. Book our counseling services today. For more information, give us a call. Dial our number and speak with our representatives.

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